Designer Series

This series is designed to fit in with other high tech gadgets found in a modern home. It’s high tech aesthetics reflect the advanced technology inside. The PowerXchanger® Designer Series provides a plug and play experience for electrical devices up to 15 Amps, and is available in black or white.

600W (5 Amps)

The smallest wall-mounted voltage and frequency converter provides constant and regulated 120v~60Hz output power, perfect for a single appliance or multiple devices that have a combined load up to 600 watts.

1200W (10 Amps)

The X-10 is a wall-mounted converter that provides 10 Amps of regulated 120v~60Hz output and is suitable for powering multiple appliances simultaneously using the included Xchange® Extension Outlet.

1800W (15 Amps)

The X-15 is the world’s most powerful Voltage and Frequency converter available for personal use. While being small and portable, it regenerates 15 Amps of power that exceed in quality and regulation of a dual socket home outlet.